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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Information about me for Swap Spoilers

Hello, future swap spoiler! I thought it'd be handy if I posted a bunch of information about me all in one spot, so here you go!

This information might apply to Instagram or Ravelry swaps, I'll try to make it wide enough in scope to work for both.

Basic information - how to stalk me online:
- I'm blogging here right NOW, but I almost never do, so just really read this post and then ignore the rest of the blog (unless you're interested in seeing the yarn I used to dye).
- On Ravelry I'm StoriedYarns.
- I'm @StoriedYarns on Instagram
- I'm jessecreations on Pinterest
- I've got an Amazon wish list here.
And, that's pretty much it. I don't really spend any quality time on any other social media sites, so it's best to stalk me in one of those places.

Handmade Items I'd Like to Receive:
First of all, let me just say that I love handmade as a general rule, so go for it if you've got an idea that's not on this list! I'm just trying to give you some ideas so you have a ballpark if you're looking for one. Here are some handmade items I'd love to get:

  • Wallet - I keep meaning to make myself one and I never have gotten around to it. I like the longer/bigger style, with plenty of room for cards and a zipper pouch for coins, if possible.
  • Sewing machine cover - I've got a standard-issue Brother machine, and a cover for it is one of those other things I never get around to making.
  • Wall art - I have a home office/studio area where I love to display things that inspire me - embroidery, cross stitch, art prints, mini quilts, you name it.
  • Bags - I love bags and frequently switch them out. Totes, purses, zipper pouches, knitting project bags, whatever. My preference would be for a large-ish purse or tote size, or a clutch for more "fancy" times.
  • Shoes - I seriously love those customized Toms style shoes; doesn't matter to me if they're actual Toms or they came from Wal-Mart. I wear a US 8.5 ladies' shoe size.
  • Jewelry - I don't have pierced ears, so please avoid earrings, but necklaces and rings are all good. I tend not to wear a lot of bracelets, but I do like them. Anklets would also be cool for the warmer months.
  • Pottery - I love coffee mugs, and pretty much anything else pottery-related. Usable, decorative, whatever!
  • Smelly-good stuff - candles, soaps, lotion, lotion bars, lip balm, wax melts. 
  • Neck accessories - scarves, shawls, shawlettes.
My Preferences:
Here are some additional things about me that you might find helpful -
  • Scent/fragrance: I prefer "clean" scents, woodsy scents, spicy scents, and florals. Not a big fan of fruity or sugary sweet stuff.
  • Colors: Right now I'm loving grey and navy, plus coral, light lemony/butter yellow, mint. I have long been a fan of orange, purple, and teal. My wardrobe also consists of a lot of black.
  • Home decor: My house is an eclectic mix, so I don't have much of a theme. Living room is tan/brown, slate blue, mulberry, and I'm trying to incorporate some butter yellow in there. Ditto with dining room. Kitchen is burgundy, olive, mustard, and cream. My bedroom is cream, orange, burgundy and teal. In my home office, anything goes - I'm going with inspirational/rainbow/colorful in there. 
  • I drink both coffee and tea, though coffee is usually just once a day and tea might be more than that. I like black teas, with or without spices (like chai). Not a big fan of fruit in my tea.
  • I also love chocolate, any shade except for the super-dark stuff. I don't like raisins or fruit in my chocolate, but any of the following are okay: nuts, caramel, sea salt, pretzels, mint.
  • I don't collect things. I have a small shelf in my home office, but it's pretty well full, and so I prefer not to have a lot of stuff that just kind of sits around without a purpose.
  • Favorite types of yarn: fingering weight to worsted, wool or wool blends or other natural fibers. I prefer to steer clear of acrylic both for wearing and for knitting.
  • Fabric: I love fabric of pretty much any kind. If it's apparel fabric I'd like at least 2-yard cuts just so I can make something decent with it, but for quilting cotton anything from fat quarter on up is great, or a bundle/collection of precuts.
Things that Make me Go Geek (in no particular order):
  • Young adult literature
  • Board games, both played with other adults and with my kids/family
  • South Park
  • The Muppets
  • musicals
  • Supernatural
  • Sherlock
  • Downton Abbey
  • Other British period dramas (Call the Midwife, for instance)
  • The West Wing and pretty much anything else those actors do
  • Doctor Who
  • Firefly
  • Star Trek
  • fabric, especially if it's bookishly themed or goes with any of the above-named fandoms or just has a cool, graphic print to it
  • yarn
  • spinning fiber
Let's see ... what else?
My word for 2015 is Captain - I'm trying to incorporate that into my life. Being the Captain of my own ship, so to speak, taking control of my life and what happens in it, what I do with it. Being cool under pressure and acting, not just reacting. Realizing that I'm responsible for my own life & happiness, and it's a good thing to put on my Big Girl Pants and get stuff done. I've got a Pinterest board for it you can find in my account there.

I often self-identify as a Vulcan, and I really think I could dig living there and being part of a society like that. It's not that I don't have emotions, but I don't like being ruled by them, and I often have a hard time relating to other humans. I'm kinda like Spock, I guess - human heart, Vulcan soul? (Also I seriously <3 div="" especially="" in="" quinto="" role.="" spock="" that="" zachary="">

Crafts I enjoy, in no particular order: sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting (sometimes), cross stitching (sometimes), spinning yarn.

I hope that helps!! Remember, whatever you make, I just really appreciate that you put together a swap package just for me!!!