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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sew Awesome: A Skirt for a Knitter

Hello! Today is a day to show off my recent sewing project.

My dad got me a gift certificate to a quilt shop for Christmas, and with it I purchased 1.5 yards of this Do Ewe Knit knitting-inspired fabric by Timeless Treasures.

I went browsing on the Internet and found this awesome skirt tutorial by Ruffles and Roses.

Then I read the pattern and chickened out about the zipper, so I perused her blog a little bit more and found this super simple skirt tutorial. I went with that one.

Here's my finished skirt:

It's possible I had a little fun with the photo shoot, LOL. I figured it'd be good for my profile pages. ;)

Here's some more fun I had with my photo editing program:

I'm a work of art. Hahahahahahahahaha!

Anyway, this type of skirt couldn't be easier. Sew a tube, hem it, add a channel at the top, thread in some elastic and BOOM. Skirt.

As I think of it, I wish I would've gone with the more difficult skirt, as I think I would have liked it better (more fitted = more flattering). But that's okay; I'm planning to try that with an old bed sheet I have lying around here. Maybe I'll be able to report on that progress next week.

What about you? Have you been sewing anything lately? Leave me a comment and let me know about it!

1 comment:

  1. Love the fabric, good idea for a skirt! If you find you love sewing skirts and fear the zipper, check out invisible zippers. If you have the small foot needed, they are super easy!