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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Adventurous Spinning

Maybe it's the festive spirit of the Tour de Fleece, but lately I've been in the mood for some adventurous spinning. In the Team BohoCrafty thread we've been talking about the ways that some fiber artists seem to have a knack for combining different fibers to create stunning yarns. Follow along with our discussion here, if you're so inclined.

All this talk of combining fibers has had me thinking about the ways my lovely friends and customers at Storied Yarns might combine character colorways in order to spin an adventurous story. Today I'm here to offer some suggestions on the ways you might combine fibers from my shop - stay tuned until the end of the post and I'll even give you some coupon codes!

OK, let's see. If you like warm and earthy colors, why not this combination?

 That's Mrs. Patmore, Haymitch and Rue.

If you're a fan of blue (like I am), then I bet you'll love this combo:

 Gonzo, Zoot and Titania; gorgeous!

For the pink lovers out there, this duo is sure to please:

Fun, feminine batts inspired by Aphrodite and Effie!

And one more - I couldn't resist a purple pairing, now, could I?

This combination is my fave - snag it from the shop and save me from myself, please!! That's Mulan and Vidia, both on superwash bfl top, yum!

If you're not a spinner, right now I'm offering FREE Spinning Service in the shop! Buy any fiber (including the sets I've listed above) and send me a message at checkout. I will spin them for you for no additional charge!

I've also got two very special coupon codes that are active right now - use code TDF12 to save 12% on anything in the shop, including custom orders and club listings, now through July 31. Use code July4 for the next 3 days only (July 3-5) to save 20% on any in-stock item (excludes customs and clubs). Shop now at Storied Yarns and save!!

Thanks, everyone, and Happy Tuesday!

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