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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Color Inspiration: Jareth

Today I bring you another post inspired by inspiration itself! Sometimes people ask me how I come up with the ideas for my yarn and fiber colorways.

Sometimes they don't, but I make them listen to the story anyway.

Today, I present the story behind my "Jareth" colorway. Here he is on Sparkle Sock:

Mmm, isn't he divine?!? I am so in love with this particular skein that I dyed one up for myself. More on that later.

This colorway was inspired by one of my favorite childhood movies, "Labyrinth." I have seen this movie so many times that I can nearly quote it word for word. Of course, I wanted to BE Sarah - she had a rockin' cool bedroom, an amazing collection of costumes and there was a mega-hot Goblin King in love with her. Plus, she gets to hang out with Muppets; what could be better, right?

This colorway isn't inspired by Sarah, though - it's inspired by that Goblin King. Mmmmm, yummy.

It's a kettle dyed colorway, so I never know quite what I'm going to get - the nice goblin king who takes my brother away after I wish for it to happen, or the unfair goblin king who turns the clock ahead to shorten my time in the Labyrinth? In any case, he always comes out of the dye pot looking stunningly gorgeous, don't you think?

The actual colors are tan, purple, midnight blue, grey, black and white. They are inspired by spiky rad-tastic hair, magical powers, wicked eye makeup, a fluffy white shirt and tight black pants. Ha!

You can find this skein in the Storied Yarns shop, ready to come home with you and make some magic of its own. Need a pattern recommendation? (Perhaps, What Kind of Magic Spell to Use? Hahahahaha!) I'm planning to knit Ysolda's Ishbel shawl with mine. Come and knit along with me if you want - there are several of us knitting it together on Ravelry.

Well, that's it for me today. I'm off to throw some dye at some wool for a Storied Yarns shop update later in the week. I'll try to do another inspiration post then, too, because I've got a brand-new line of semisolid colorways to show off!


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