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Friday, June 22, 2012

Pattern Pairings: Stock Characters

I dyed up some more of my Stock Characters this week, and I'm pretty excited about them! You can find them in the Storied Yarns shop. I thought it might be nice to give you some inspiration about what you might do with them!

I've been seeing a lot of excitement over the Color Affection Shawl pattern lately. Some of my friends have made some truly gorgeous versions of this shawl! I think The Handmaiden, The Knight in Shining Armor and The Wizard would make a REALLY cool rendition of this pattern:

There are also quite a few two-color shawls and patterns that I've been crushing on lately. How about Cladonia, Spectra or Kleio in Wizard and Knight in Shining Armor?

If shawls aren't your thing, how about the Tempest sweater, Endpaper Mitts or Disappearing Act socks in Evil Queen and Handmaiden?

Evil Queen also pairs up nicely with Knight in Shining Armor, don't you think?

Another fun combination is to pair The Princess with The Handmaiden:

or with Evil Queen:

This combination (since the Princess skein is 68g) would be amazing for the Whippoorwill Shawl, Fracture or Zenobia.

Pretty soon I'll have this shawl finished and ready to publish:

And once I do, I'll have a new pattern to recommend for you! ;)

Happy Fiber Friday, everyone!!!

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