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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Have a Yarny Christmas!

Hello everyone, and Happy December! I'm starting to count down the holidays with my kiddos as of tonight, and I'm super excited for all of our activities this month! We'll be making paper snowflakes, reading holiday stories and of course chugging down plenty of hot chocolate!

There's plenty of yarn here at Storied Yarns Central on any given day, but I try to showcase it during the holidays, too! This year, for me, it's all about yarn garlands. I thought I'd share my yarn decorations with you today to celebrate the first of December. :)

Here's the garland I have hanging near the cornice in my living room:

I'm sorry for the not-so-great lighting; I took this photo this morning when the sun was still shining through that window.

I used the Grandma Twinkle pattern to crochet several red and green stars out of kitchen cotton last year. This year I strung them onto an evergreen garland along with some bead garland we had in our decorating supplies, hung it over the window and voila! Instant yarny decor! :)

I've also got some garland that's made entirely from yarn. I took wool fleece and dyed some of it red and some green, leaving the rest its natural white and grey colors. Then I spun it up into a single with some holiday tinsel and knitted it into an i-cord with a few jingle bells here and there. Now it hangs over the doorway between my dining room and my kitchen like so:

This is the time of the year when I'm glad I know how to crochet. I like to pull out my leftover yarn balls from other projects and hook them into shape as crocheted motifs that become ornaments:

I get my motif patterns out of this book, but you can make up your own, too!

Today is the last day to incorporate a Storied Yarns yarny surprise for yourself or someone you love under the tree - tomorrow I'm taking down the listings for my Small and Large holiday surprise gift boxes! I've got to order a bunch of goodies, load them up and ship them out so I can't keep the listing up after today. Get 'em while you can!! :)

So what about you - what are some of the ways YOU incorporate yarn into your holiday?

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  1. I am going to spin garland for my tree PLUS I am going to weave a new fabric for my fireplace mantel. I told Grumpy that they would be ready for next year....time just slipped past me this year.