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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Infinitely Simple Lace Infinity Scarf: Free Knitting Pattern

NOTE: Pattern has been updated as of June 20, 2012 to address the curling edges issue that lots of knitters were having.

Hi there!

This pattern used to be published elsewhere, but I have re-obtained the full copyrights to it so I'm publishing it here. Use it for personal uses, sell the finished scarves or whatever you like - please just don't sell or copy the pattern itself. Thanks!!

View the Ravelry page for this pattern here.

This is my preferred way to wear it, but you can also loop it more or fewer times.

Materials and Abbreviations

This pattern will work with any combination of yarn and a circular needle, depending on how long or wide you want your infinity scarf to be. For the sample pattern I used a 2ply handspun yarn; it was approximately DK to worsted weight and I had 180 yards. So you can make yours exactly like I did with an equivalent amount of yarn, or go up or down in needle and yarn sizes to customize this project however you like.
I also used a size 10.5 US knitting needle, with a circular cable of about 16-19 inches. Again, you can change this; the important thing here is to use a needle that is a size or two bigger (or more) than what you'd normally use with the yarn you've chosen. This gives it that nice lacy, open look and also helps you knit faster.
You will also need a large eye blunt needle for weaving in the ends of your finished scarf and a stitch marker to keep track of the beginning of your rounds.

The abbreviations used in this pattern are:
K - knit
P - purl
YO - yarn over (increase)
SKP - Slip, Knit, Pass slipped stitch over - slip the first stitch knitwise, knit the next stitch, pass the slipped stitch over the knitted stitch to drop it. (decrease)
K2tog - knit two together (decrease)

This is the yarn I used for the project. A 2ply from a batt by EverImprovingMe.


Cast on your stitches; you need a multiple of five for the pattern. For my sample, I cast on 180.

Note: The lace pattern in this scarf came from the "Lace ZigZag stitch number 146" from the book Knitting: The Complete Guide, by Jane Davis.

Place a stitch marker between your first and last stitches, join to work in the round and proceed with your knitting!

Round 1: K all stitches.
Round 2: P all stitches.
Round 3: K all stitches.
Round 4: P all stitches.
Round 5: K2, (YO, SKP, k3); repeat ( ) around, ending with k1 instead of k3.
Round 6 and all even rounds of pattern: K all.
Round 7: (K3, YO, SKP); rep ( ) around.
Round 9: K1, (K2tog, YO, K3); rep ( ) around, ending with K2 instead of K3.
Round 11: (K2tog, YO, K3); rep ( ) around.
Repeat rounds 5-12 (round 12 is K all like the other even pattern rounds) to repeat the pattern as many times as you want or until you're almost out of yarn. For my sample I knit this pattern until my zigzags went back and forth about five times. If you have more yarn you can just keep knitting, even if you have to stop early; just make sure to end the pattern on an even-numbered round.

Finishing rounds: (NOTE: The sample in these photos only had 2 border rounds on each end and they curl, so I've added two more to the pattern itself.)
Round 1: K all stitches.
Round 2: P all stitches.
Round 3: K all stitches.
Round 4: P all stitches.
Bind off, block, and weave in ends.

Scarf Style

Long and loose

All looped up
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  1. Very pretty! I'll have to add this to my favorites on Ravelry (aka my back-up queue)...

  2. So far I have no idea how to do any of those stitches (other than the basic knit!) but I'm determined to learn! I think this might be my learn-to-knit project for the new year, thanks.

  3. Lovely - bookmarking this page, as it looks pretty neat and I think my mother would like it. (And hooray, someone who understands copyright!)

  4. This is one of my first lace projects; I learned so much from doing it. I'm now ready to do the final four rows, and then I'll block it. I'm knitting it with my own handspun and am so pleased with how it's turned out. Thank you so much for the pattern!!

  5. I cast this on about three hours ago and so far I'm loving it.. it's an easy pattern for a really pretty scarf.. my sister will love this!!!!!

  6. I'm confused...on the first row you said to end off with k1 instead of knit 3, but I have 3 stitches left over not just the one. What do I do with them? Thanks!

  7. Thanks for sharing this pattern. I made one in December as a quick teacher gift. I'm making another for a friend right now. My first lace project. Thanks!